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Looking Your Best With Dental Implants

Looking Your Best With Dental Implants

Teeth keep the jawbone strong and give it shape. When teeth are missing, your jawbone structure is affected by bone loss, called “resorption.” Your face will age as sagging skin creates more wrinkles around your mouth. Dental implants act like natural tooth roots, keeping your jawbone healthy and strong, and preserving a more youthful appearance.

The foundation for appearance and function
Whether you have lost a tooth to injury or facial trauma, or have had several teeth extracted due to decay or disease, a dental solution supported by dental implants is the best treatment method for restoring a healthy, functioning set of teeth and a beautiful smile.

Make sure dental implants are right for you
Treatment with dental implants is a surgical procedure and requires prior evaluation by your dentist to make sure your dental and general health permits dental implant treatment.

Your teeth are an aspect of many facets of your life — eating, speaking, first visual impressions and how they fit in to and support your overall facial structure. Beyond how you feel physically, having stable and attractive teeth also affects your confidence and interaction with others. Restoring and replacing your teeth to the best of appearance and function helps you to enjoy life to the fullest.

You can smile big again!

If you are missing teeth and interested in how dental implants can help restore your smile, please call Dr. Bryan Kariya DDS and Dr. Ray Tate DDS at Route 66 Smiles in Yukon, OK today at 405-494-7227!