My kids and I had cleanings and exams yesterday and I was so impressed. Everyone was kind and friendly, and the hygienist was so great with my kids, as was Dr Tate.
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Jenny J. Avatar
Jenny J.
Very unhappy with the service I received. my dentist office originally closed and they agreed to take on my dental work and do everything that was planned and agreed to it. I had gotten partials dentures, and they were temporaries, and they agreed to do the rest of the work, and then do permanent dentures And ended up not doing it. The crowns that they put on my teeth don’t go all the way up to my gums so they are sensitive because they’re not fully covered underneath. The ladies upfront seemed judgmental and rude. Do not recommend. Dr. Tate seemed nice but Dr. Hensley the one that I was seeing was not he pretended and I ended up canceling my kids dentist appointment to.
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Megan D. Avatar
Megan D.
I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my life and these guys are the best by far. It’s been nice having a dentist that cares. I had them do full extractions and I have to say, I will recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you guys for doing such a great job!
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Jeff G. Avatar
Jeff G.
I’ve been to a lot of bad dentists in my life and these guys are the best by far. I had them do full extractions and I have to say, the next morning I barely hurt at all. I will recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you guys for doing such a great job!
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Jeff G. Avatar
Jeff G.
I have been a long time patient at VIP now Route 66 Smiles and there is no one like Tracy. I went to try a different provider and came right back. People like Tracy makes you stick around, she always goes above and beyond also she get those insurance estimates at the same day of your appointment, you leave the appointment knowing how much your expenses will be. No one can't beat that!
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Eve O. Avatar
Eve O.
I am a long time patient at VIP Dental. I continue to be impressed with the Team that is there & the outstanding service that they provide their patients!
A big thank you to their office Manager Tracey who has been there since my very first visit many years ago & who is always willing to help me with any concerns that I might have & to greet me with a big smile!
Last but certainly not least is my long time Hygienist Sherry. She is the ultimate professional who is exceptional at her job & knows exactly how to put her patients at ease!
I’m so fortunate to have found VIP Dental!
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David E. Avatar
David E.
So let me begin by laying the groundwork. I had the typical tragic backstory. When I was younger I had an absolute terrible encounter with a dentist, and had near crippling anxiety about going to the dentist ever since. I was in the full belief that it always was going to hurt when getting your teeth fixed, and you just have to bear it and I was just weaker than most when it came to dental pain. Well, after MANY years, I finally mustered up the courage to visit a dentist and did loads of research before settling on VIP dental. Holy moly, am I glad I did. From the first time I walked in, I told them how anxious I was, and they were quick to help me feel calm. The staff they have is absolutely wonderful and personable. They talked me through the entire thing, and Dr. Tate was extremely nice as well. I remember them finishing my filling and being confused because it hadn't hurt. Like, at all. I thought maybe it was a fluke, a lucky break, but the next one didn't hurt either. I couldn't begin to tell you how surprised and relieved I was. I recommend them highly, especially if you have any anxiety about going to the dentist at all. They completely changed my outlook of the dentist, and I no longer absolutely dread going. I give them the highest recommendation.
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Teresa S. Avatar
Teresa S.
Absolutely wonderful staff. Dr. Tate did a great job and his assistant Ashley was super friendly and enjoyed talking to her.
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Christa C. Avatar
Christa C.
I am impressed with the knowledge and skill of Dr. Kariya in doing more complicated dental procedures. I have had good results here on all my dental care. The entire staff is friendly and caring. They have just the right type of music playing as a distraction to any unpleasantry of the procedure being done. They also have state of the art equipment and a nice facility at a good location. They do make you feel like a VIP!
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Barbara G. Avatar
Barbara G.
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