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Oral Surgery is one of the principal components of restorative dentistry, referring to any dental procedures involving the restoration and repair of oral structures. Dental bridges, implants, fillings, root canals, etc., fall into the restorative oral surgery category as opposed to general or cosmetic dentistry services like cleaning, whitening, or veneers. Modern advances in restorative oral dental surgeries allow patients to achieve their desired smile while improving their oral health.

Setting Expectations
Prepping for Oral Surgery

  1. Communicate early and often with Dr. Tate and the Route 66 Smiles Family Dentistry team. Patients should walk into their dental surgery with no questions, confusion, or apprehension – all questions and concerns can and should be addressed before following through with any dental procedure.
  2. Verify your insurance coverage for the dental procedures you intend to pursue. While our Yukon and El Reno offices assist our patients in the insurance verification process, we strongly encourage patients to perform their own research and inform themselves of their policy’s coverages. 
  3. Once patients complete the first two tips, they can rest easy and relax. While dental surgery can induce nervousness, anxiety, and anticipation, our team guarantees your utmost safety and comfort throughout the entire experience.

A Dental Emergency?

If you’re currently experiencing a dental emergency of any kind, it’s critical you stop what you’re doing and call Route 66 Smiles Family Dentistry immediately. Call the number below to get in touch with our front desk. We’ll make time to see you and get to the bottom of your pressing dental issue. Don’t wait; call us as soon as you’re able.

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